May 18, 2012

nicki minaj and katy perry get barbiefied

last week, Mattel has launched a ‘special Barbie’ of Nicki Minaj. and now it’s Katy Perry’s turn! Katy Perry’s edition Barbie dolls is indeed uber cute! this doll was inspired from the video “California Girls”, complete with blue hair color, and also “Katy’s scrumptious cupcake dress”. Well, it turns out making this Barbie had two missions draw you know behind, and both Barbie has been auctioned on the website, which is where all funds raised will be donated to Project Angel Food

'"70 hand-painted ‘mini cupcakes’, hand-painted tattoos, sparkling pink shoes, candy cane glittered a mic and a waffle-cone stage complete with swirly pops, “ice cream” mountains and cotton candy clouds"

and this is Barbie of Nicki Minaj
source from gogirlmagz


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  2. claireta : thankyouuu :D okay ;)
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