Jun 24, 2012

goldy black

hullo there! yess this was my 1st time hung out with makeup (even just used eyeliner. am i cute? ;p) and i changed my bangs too! well idk which is better? this bangs or my old one? but i think, i looked older with this style. btw this post is about 3 days ago, i went to GrandCity and i wore a goldy tank, ripped short, mom's clutch, black laces flatshoes, and messy hair ;p
a little blur :(
look at my hair! no no i didn't color it, just sun-light effect. cool huh?;p
narcissistic photos, taken at comedy kopi
 alan's salted fish fried rice
my seafood fried rice

mrs. mustache, at calais
my weirdo face (if my mom see this photo, she would scold me) ;p

I didnt realize when Alan takes this pict,  he was beside me there (the waiter a.k.a mas banci) lol
here's some info about comedy kopi (this is the cafe where me and alan had a dinner 3 days ago)
this cafe located at 4th floor of Grand City Surabaya and this cafe located near by the cinema, this cafe is so unique, the decorations, the menu and especially the waiters! they are kinda freak but funny, sometimes they come into the guest table and then they start to do some dialog with the guest or with another waiter or they start do something funny =)) (photo from google)

and this is Alan, he's my patner, do you know what? he's Super Duper Cool ! ;) lol i'm kidding, he's a nice guy btw :) thanks a lot for taking a picture of me Alan !

well thankyou for reading <3

Jun 21, 2012

blue and homey steak

heeyyy guys! this post is about yesterday, and  days ago. yesterday i went to Tunjungan Plaza with my friends (community friends ;p), i watched Monster in Paris, yeaaaa i want watch it so baddd and finally yesterday i watched it! well im a bit disappointed, this film is not that great, i thought this movie is better than madagascar 3, but in fact no. well yesterday i wore this

 (random one) 
and hello there ;p
yeaaa i know, such an ugly picts quality.

and about 3 days ago, my mom made pork steak, fettuccine, with macaroni soup. they're so deliciousss! 

  corns, carrots, and beans
 macaroni soup <3
 fried potatoes
in the process ;) and...
taraaaa! the best steak ever! ;p <3
mommy <3
lil bro <3
big bro & his gf

yeepp i didnt take my photo. why? bcause my face looked so damnuglyy! didnt wear softlens, messy hair, and wet hair (haven't dry my hair) -____-


about Monster in Paris
my rank  ✰ 

 Emile (Raoul friend)
idk his name lol

thankyou for reading <3

Jun 16, 2012

my doodles

hullo all <3<3 yes today post is about my doodles! i love drawing so much, I began to serious on drawing since 1st grade. and well yes for sure i love pink and blue so much, so i just drew it only with that color. btw, enjoy my random post ok? ;D 

 dont look at my bangs :x

 my signature

i used stabilo pen :D
please comment, need your advice and criticism ;) <3
thankyou <3

Jun 11, 2012


well, i changed my header *yes, again* :)
from a little colorful with a little glitter and crown

to simple black one, with a little shoc.pink, my weirdo face and a little vintage *maybe

some headers from the first time i made blog-now
i did it bcause i love galaxy, circle, and triangle lol
simple one 

another simple one, with galaxy tone

a little colorful with a little glitter and crown
simple black one, with a little shoc.pink, my weirdo face and a little vintage *maybe 

well, which is better? hmm comment please ;)
thankieeess <3