Jul 28, 2012

floral new in

heyy fellas! im so sorry for not posting for a long time :x im busy with my new high school, a lot of homeworks and things i should do. well this isnt an outfit post, it just my wish list and my 'new in' post. and now im looking for a softpink maxi skirt for combined with my bustier and boots.

boots -adorable project/mint dress/galaxy top -romwe/short -romwe/ bustier belt usa tank -random

images from fashionlista and google

and well, i introduce a new items in my online shop, floral headwreath (handmade). only idr 65rb  *quite cheap isn't it?* 
some picts :
visit my shop here // order : cethe.kecil@gmail.com 

and thankyou for reading guys <3

Jul 10, 2012

leopard in black // softlens review

hey ! 2 days a go i had a family party at Meritus, so wore this *yeah so simple, but i love it* :) btw the 1st pict taked by me, i was so damn bored at that time *bad pict* 
arghhh i look older, right? TT

 so damn uglyyyyy ><

 flash effect, totally love this one

and bytheway, i got my new softlens from my sponsor, Softlens Geo Zipp. softlens they sell comes from South Korea and Japan. there are a variety of brands, you know. like Geo, EOS, Miss Eye, Vivian, Aimu Medusa, & Summerdoll. (ready-stock for normal size & minus, not tp to cylindrical)
 this softlens is very comfortable. it makes your eyes look bigger, and doesn't dry quickly too btw! well the color i chose was "chocolate" because it is relatively dark, so it looks more natural.
Baby Colour - Summer Doll 
diameter : 19,88 mm
usage expires : 6 months
Water : 48%
Power -1.00 until -8.00
Made in Japan 
you'll get this cute case free! (available a variety of shapes and colors)
 and the good news is...
you can get 10% discount, 
if you mention my name (clara thomas). 
*not applicable for softlens promo's
so order now at here ! :)

Jul 4, 2012


hello JULY!! *a bit late* well this post about a week ago, yeahhh sorry for late posting, i was lazy to open the computer because i was busy watching dvd "once upon a time" (borrowed from aurel) i loveeeee it so much! the story's awesome! I like it because the story is about Snow White, but there is a little mix of Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and the beast), Hansel and Gretel, etc. well about a week ago me, Joanne, Alan, Aurel, and Lily went to the Dapur Cokelat (before it, we went to Ciputra for taking some picts ;p) we go there to find the rainbow cake. unfortunately, the cake was already sold out, and after that we went to the PTC *lunch, buy chubby, and photobox* then we went to GC *watch Brave!, went to Calais* after that me, Lily went to Joanne's home :3
i wore joanne's denim vest, floral dress& dreamcatcher from Bali, oxford flat

 joanne, me, aurel
alan si sok cute ;;)



stich mustache ;{
 a little candid

and yeah my tired face, uglyuglyugly -.-

and thankyou for reading guys! <3