Aug 21, 2012

beige with flower

yaayy finally i can post it as i promised last time! well that beautiful dress is from Romwe, this dress is very cozy even its size oversize! then the outer from Percy-Jenny, and the floralcrown is from my shop, Clara (buy it! ;p) 
this post photos are inspired from this:
source from weheartit and here
 and this is the photos, enjoy :)

this is the beautiful dress ;)
(back side! // run, jump, and be pretty)

these flowers for you, yes you!
Clara's crown
and.. thankyou for reading! :D
hug and kiss;

Aug 18, 2012

full of flowers!

first, happy birthday to my beloved country, Indonesia! *yeah i know its late* second, do not look at my face, so damn chubby and ugly :( third, im so sorry i cant post it now (my last post) bcause im a bit busy and lazy ;;) hahaha well this post is about yesterday, me, brothers, mom, and my mom's friend went to Ciputra World for dinner. just casual outfit floral tanktop, floral jeans, and boots from Adorable Project (local store, sell a lot of awesome shoes!)

different editing style? yeah, I'm learning "manipulation" (so, sorry if my manipulations are bad) and this editing style is a little inspiration from one of my favorite Indonesia blogger, Pastel Girl :)
 my mom said all these photos arent look like me *so sad* but its true so different!! so ugly and weird TT
and sorry for my big feet which a bit full of muscle (fyi its bcause of my basketball practice. and, and, and i love basketball so much! and i'll upload my photos with my basketball costume soon hihihi ;p)
ugly and weird pose =3=

and, thankyou for reading guys!
hug and kiss from;

Aug 13, 2012

august sneakpeek

hulooo August! *yeah i know it's too late* ahhhh last week was the busiest week, one week full of tests and homeworks. but now im free! one week full of event (my school anniv and HUT RI) \m/
well it just my 'sneek and peak' for next post  :x nude pretty dress from Romwe, and floral crown from Clara. btw 3 days ago i cut my hair more short, because my hair fall out alot, im so afraid if i dont have hair anymore :( i've changed my shampoo and bought a hair tonic but i feel they didnt change anything. aargg idk what should i do :'(

sneak and peek;
*peek (typo)
ok, thankyou for reading! :)



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