Jan 2, 2014

hello 2014

 hi guys, finally i can post something on this blog haha! btw happy new year all
i hope this year will be a great year, and my wishes? well i have a lot of wishes, but only 2 that i really-really want. like..hmm i want to be happy, and make my mom and dad proud :) 
i know my blog is super boring and not cool, but thankyou guys for open it or read it and following my blog! you guys make me happy hehehe 
well this is my simple outfit, enjoyyy

fave short
ugly face :x (fyi i wear hairclip, my hair still short :( )

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okay thankyou for reading guys, xx

Aug 13, 2013

a simple neon

hi guys! such a boring holiday because i dont go anywhere, just go to the malls. and spending my money only for food and im getting fat and fat at my cheek and stomach -_- and seriously i miss my mom and bigbro, my home feels really quiet without them. hmmm so this post is about last saturday. so i had fun with Tifany, Jesica (called Ayam), Memen and Icha.
well i wore a neon tribal croptee, blue hw shorts, and blue shoes. here some of my narcissistic photos hehe

some picts with Tifany, Ayam, Memen, Icha (selca hehehe)
(Icha, Memen, Tifany, Ayam, me)

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xoxo, clrland

Aug 4, 2013

blue attack

hi guys, finally holiday again! but im not so happy, mom and bigbro went to dili (my dad works there) they wanted to surprise dad. so im alone at home (well not alone there's my lilbro and grandma hehe)
but 3days ago my besties Anne, Della and Tifany stayed at my home for 2 days. today im so bored so i took some photos with my blue adidas crop tee, navy tutu skirt (my fave skirt), blue shoes, and miami heat snapback.

 fck everything that doesnt make you happy.

thankyou for reading!
xoxo, clrland 

Jul 1, 2013

pink bunny

hello all, finally i post something in my blog hehehe. im busy with instagram lately that why i cant blogging. 
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well im in holiday, and last week i went to sgp with my family and beloved friends, and it was awesome.
and.. here my post. my diy tee, silver hw, and pink creepers. btw dont look at my messy stuff ya hihihi

b&w(yes same photo)...

thankyou for reading, see ya!
clara thomas