May 28, 2012

my shop

finally... i made ​​an online shop!
there's garage and new stuffs ;)
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clara thomas

May 27, 2012

Lara Mullen by Tim Gutt - papper plates

Vogue UK June 2012 ;
Model Lara Mullen brings a bit of wit and whimsy to the prolific London Olympic themed fashion editorials, expressing her sporting style in ‘Paper Plates’. Tim Gutt makes the fashion captre, styled by Charlotte Pilcher for the June issue ofBritish Vogue. /Hair by Neil Moodie; makeup by Samantha Bryant. 

my fav one .

                                                                                                                     source from google

May 26, 2012

blacky mustard

hey guys! i went to Galaxymall today, then to DBL. i went there for watch an exciting match (big eight session), Frateran vs St. Louis1 (boys). why? because both of them ever get champion degree!
and when at GM (Galaxymall) i wore mustard tank from bangkok, black skirt, black wedges, and mom's clutch.

me :x

my fav. picts :
do not look at my face ._.
b&w :

mom's lovely clutch :

and, btw about DBL, Frateran won! yuhuuuuuuu congrats Fraterannn boys and girls <3<3
score : frateran (20) - st. louis (11) 

btw, thankyou for reading, enjoy my blog ;)

May 25, 2012

pinko purplo

hullo hulloo <3<3
today i went to my friend's house, then go to Dapur Cokelat, and PTC. then i took some photos, and you know, my face lookkkkss so damn ugly, ohh really i hate my chubby cheek TT 
and my hair looks so damn ugly too, aaarghh so i wanna cut like this..
ugly or not? :s

today im wearing maroon tank, pink-purple stripe legging, minnie mouse backpack, and basic red flatshoes

random shots:

bokehh <3

i bought it with my partner, at Dapur Cokelat
 lost focus :s
btw the taste was so damn delicious! I only eat 1 slice but it has made ​​me quite full..
rainbow cakes and hot chocolate milk <3
dapur cokelat, source from google


May 23, 2012

deer mask

hullo peeps, let me introduce my new mask.. "deer mask" I use this when my face looks ugly. nah, in this photo I use it, why? because my face looks like a sleepy -___- so, Im sorry if it's covered with a mask. but still there is a photo of me that doesn't use the mask. 
this is my mask
today im wearing my DIY black tank, black hw pants, black cross neckale, and grey socks with messy hair. black black black. yess i love black!

this one im not wearing a mask, dont look my face aarghh :x
some random shots

well i edited them, so not a really mask :p hihihi

May 22, 2012

floral print

heyy peps, i forgot to posted my new doodle yesterday. now, i mix and match some outfit with floral print. 
nah this is my doodle : (check on my tumblr)
and i find that outfit (look a like);

yap. as usual, I have that link lists:

1.  Ice Cream Shop - Zooey Peter Pan Collar


3. UO Veruca Sunglasses

4. h&m floral skirt


6. Dr Martens - Pink Patent

7. Floral Print Bracelet

8. ASOS Pack of Opaque Gummy Bracelets

9. burger panic socks

10. Eden Leather Satche

I hope it can help you :)

love, ct <3

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May 19, 2012

shocking pink greendo

hullo, today i doodled. i mix and match some outfit with shocking color. 
nah this is my doodle : (check on my tumblr)
and i find that outfit (look a like);

 interested? hell yeaa, i have that lists :
1. Bustier h&m against AIDS
2. Bleiseri
3. Green short
4. Jeffrey Campbell
5. Gilda socks
6. ASOS Portfolio Envelope Clutch
7. sunglasses h&m against AIDS

I hope it can help you :)

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pretty in pastel

hullo pastelholic! your look is feminine, and you prefer feminine details on clothing and soft, flowing fabrics. you love pastel colors like mint, lavender, etc. and this's some pastel color runway :
nahh, some outfit you must have :
 and link lists :
1. find at here
2. find at here
3. find at here
4. find at here
5. find at here
6. find at here
7. find at here
8. find at here
9. find at here
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May 18, 2012

greendo and navydo

saturday at home, bahh lazy to do anything at all. just sit in front of comptr and blogging
and just took some photo:

that is my weirdo face -.- omg
some narcissistic photo :

random shots

little lady

dont. look. at. my. fatty. and. ugly. face. please
arggghhhh my face looks so chubby, fatty and ugly weird. and my suck bangs! duh. and yeah it's my awkward face. and wait wait i just realized my face looks older arghhhh..

well i want to sell this dress, used only once. interested? text me 083857571116 :)

nicki minaj and katy perry get barbiefied

last week, Mattel has launched a ‘special Barbie’ of Nicki Minaj. and now it’s Katy Perry’s turn! Katy Perry’s edition Barbie dolls is indeed uber cute! this doll was inspired from the video “California Girls”, complete with blue hair color, and also “Katy’s scrumptious cupcake dress”. Well, it turns out making this Barbie had two missions draw you know behind, and both Barbie has been auctioned on the website, which is where all funds raised will be donated to Project Angel Food

'"70 hand-painted ‘mini cupcakes’, hand-painted tattoos, sparkling pink shoes, candy cane glittered a mic and a waffle-cone stage complete with swirly pops, “ice cream” mountains and cotton candy clouds"

and this is Barbie of Nicki Minaj
source from gogirlmagz