Apr 24, 2012

hello there

about the author:
clara thomas, 14yo from Surabaya, Indonesia
  a gurl with medium black hair, pug nose, chubby face, and 163cm, 49kg. 
  an ordinary girl, who has an extraordinary dreams <3 
  love basketball, drawing, editing photos, taking random pict, eating.
 a gurl who loves floral print so much

well, my friends always call me cethe, cethe is spelling from CT (Clara Thomas), i got that nickname when i was in elementaryschool and my teacher made that nickname then, my friend started to called me like that.
btw open my tumblr clrland.tumblr.com (full of my doodles :p)

about my blog:
 well i post what ever i want, i love, some interesting things or news, my art, and my photos :)
it just likes my diary, so if i find some news i will post it ;)

enjoy my blog 

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