Apr 28, 2012

black black

I go hung out with my friends yesterday, we went to Grandcity mall and you know what i saw some Japanese guy, aww they're so handsome hahaha . and one of my friend falling in love with one of that guy and wanted to got his phonenumber / facebook lol
so we continued to followed them everytime they went *we looked like a stalkers right?*
but one of them who used a gray shirt always looked at us, and one of my friends said "yeahh we got a fan from the japanese guy" lol. when we were in supermarket *ofc just wanted to saw them* the greyshirt guy went to us with shocked face and said "no, no"  *idk maybe his friend pushed him to us* and we still didnt dare to ask his phonenumber. however finally we went home without got anything. useless muahahaha-_______-

sorry cant speak english very well ._.v

and I wore these shoes yesterday <3 

and this is my ugly face 

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