Sep 26, 2012


heyy everybody! im so sorry for late posting, i was so busy with my tests and homeworks. and a couple days ago i started my middle test (uts) it sucks! last year there's no middle test -.- arghhh yep im so lazy.
well this post is about my lovely friend bday party and  her name is Jesica, called Ayam. some of my friends said that was also goodbye party with her too, she's gonna move to Jakarta, so sad :(
well sorry my face look so ugly, weird and older =.=
and this is me, simple makeup, floral bustier, navy tutu skirt, and boots

tea set ring from here
with my bday girl 

*a bit blur, sorry

 classmate friens jefry, nadella (she's so skinny!) gaby, rio, tifany (pretty and so kind) and me
ozy, limandau, lily, me, ayam, vanessa, gaby, evita s, della, tifany, jefry, rio, hk

 lily, mary, limandau, ozy, beatrice, me, nadya, nia, ayam (silly pose ;p)

 with my classmate,she's from Japan! well yeah she dressup like a boy ;p
with aline
 me and nadyaaaa !

with nia :3

some picts from lily's camera
me, huahahah so ugly and weird
me and lily! :D
me and gaby (dont look at my messy hair)

and goodbyeeee! thankyou for reading, and visiting my blog!
hug and kiss,

Sep 8, 2012

polkadot and BW

 hullooo everybody! well im very confused to choose the front or side bangs. if the side bangs, i look old but this is not difficult. while the front bangs, i look younger but very difficult when it grows a bit longer. hahaha yeah, i know im lazy! and btw, a lot of tasks and tests at school TT it makes me didnt have a lot of time for blogging, relax, etc. and for sure it makes me more lazy -____-
well in this post, i wore my dad's coat (yes. it's so oversized), my old polka dress, glasses from here, and mustache! :{
trying to be cool ;p

 my mustache ;{

super big! ><
 jumping! do not look at my face -.-

 my narcissistic photos ;p

and thankyou for reading and visiting my blog! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
hug and kiss,

Aug 21, 2012

beige with flower

yaayy finally i can post it as i promised last time! well that beautiful dress is from Romwe, this dress is very cozy even its size oversize! then the outer from Percy-Jenny, and the floralcrown is from my shop, Clara (buy it! ;p) 
this post photos are inspired from this:
source from weheartit and here
 and this is the photos, enjoy :)

this is the beautiful dress ;)
(back side! // run, jump, and be pretty)

these flowers for you, yes you!
Clara's crown
and.. thankyou for reading! :D
hug and kiss;